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We take Restorations seriously!

If you can dream it,
we can build it.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to proudly stand behind our restoration jobs and assure you that your vehicle is being restored with the best available parts. We strive to provide the best customer satisfaction and custom fabrication. 


Engine Conversions

Our engine philosophy is we prefer using low mileage engines and not rebuilt ones because of the reliability. When you get a factory low mileage engine you are guaranteed OEM Subaru parts, rather than low quality ones

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Order parts online and get them delivered to your doorstep. Our shop includes LED bulbs and headlights, inventory, and fresh Transporter Werks gear to sport around town. 

How it started

Transporter Werks

Transporter Werks is a specialty shop for all types of air- and water-cooled VW® Vanagons. No project is too small for us to tackle and we are always excited to work on your vintage Volkswagen!

Sean Fraser established Transporter Werks in 1995. He always had an interest for VWs, dating back to 1986 when he bought his first car–a 1969 auto stick. At that time, he didn’t have the money to pay for the mechanical care of the car so he was forced to teach himself. One thing led to another, and he fell in love! Before establishing Transporter Werks, Sean was studying to become a biology teacher and was supporting himself by working on VWs on the side.

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